Bimini…a tiny island and home-away-from-home’

Sunrise on our dock, looking for sea life. The kids love to jump off and swim. they are looking towards the creeks which are perfect for paddlebaording and kayaking.


Daddy and Ella


Ready….1,2,3 jump!


Exploring an old cemetery on the south tip of north Bimini. Like other places that stand at sea-level, the stones are above ground.


Checking out the Gallant Lady who was shipwrecked by hurricane Mitch in 1997. It sits behind a friend’s house and is pretty awesome in its decay


One of the best part’s of Bimini… my favorite are her doughnuts, after tasting one, you may never eat a Crispy Cream again!  Most people come for Bimini bread which is so  decadent, addictive and sweet (which we consume every day, as french toast of just freshly warm with lots of Irish butter). She also bakes every kind of cake and locals line up for lunch specials. and she delivers to the house!


Paddleboarding in the creeks with two cuties. starfish, lemon shark, rays and tons of fish are spotted by the minute on these outings. This special friend came aboard only for the picture:)


These friendly little signs are part of the island’s tourism campaign. We were on a golf cart ride and he was so upset for some reason, I had to stop here and put him into position. He’s probably be pissed at me again as a teenager when he sees this photo!


In the creeks on our flats boat, handmade by Ansil Saunders, a bonefish record holder in his 80s and one of the last people to spend time with Martin Luther King. King wrote his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech here inspired by the life and existence of God in these waters, according to Ansil.


Conch salad and a cold kalik. All the locals make conch salad here, the flats are full of them. There are 2 stands, Joe’s and Stuart’s. It’s easy to make: crack the shell, remove conch and dice, add fresh onion, tomato, pepper and some spices and a ton of freshly squeezed lime. It’s the best, I’m actual salivating as I’m typing this!



beached up for an afternoon walk in ‘bonefish hole’. these areas are only accessible by flats boats as the water can get very shallow.


On the sandbar in front of the Big Game Club. If you time it right, the water is only ankle deep and the sandbar is as big as a football field with the softest white sand.


Having some fish fingers at the Big Game Club restaurant


This funny vehicle, perfect for cruising around Bimini. I prefer the golf-cart but the kids love this!