Years ago, I discovered coconut oil for the outside and the inside.  For the inside, coconut oil is supposedly great for the brain, weight loss, the immune system, the skin and overall health.  I read somewhere that a farmer was giving it to his cattle as a cheap way to fatten them up.  These cattle ended up lean and hungry.


Well, on the outside, coconut oil is said be an amazing moisturizer for the skin, hair and nails.  I love a natural product and was committed to a nightly ritual of total-body-moisturizing.  After a few weeks, my husband asked what new product was I using.  I told him and he said, “honey, it smells terrible!”  Eeek! and Oh no!  I was using the grocery multi-purpose brand and then discovered Fiji organic lavender scented coconut oil (it’s a mouthful but not edible!) and their whole yummy line.  It’s the real coconut deal and has a heaven scent….needless to say, every night and sleep softly and sound.