Tulum Reprieve

I recently visited the town of Tulum, in Mexico, on a ‘girls’ trip with four great friends. A beach town dotted with eco-chic bungalo resorts, shops and great restaurants, Tulum’s vibe was perfect.







Arrival at Casa Violetta right on the beach.  The serenity of the ocean and ability to totally disconnect was exactly what we all needed.  I live in the coastal town of Miami and never reach the beach to sit and space-out but I have made a vow to myself to try and incorporate this non-action:)  Something about the rhythm, mystery and vastness of the ocean causes an instant perspective check for me.

IMG_1399 IMG_0010IMG_0006

Breakfast with this view, fresh juice and fruit, endless two-hand cups of coffee and everything to satisfy the belly after a restful night, steps from the beach.


Little shops like these up and down the main drag were a great reprieve from the sun and great way to work up an appetite for homemade and healthy Mexican fare.


Of course, there’s always a place to rinse bare feet.

IMG_0731IMG_0909 IMG_0019

Typical lounging space with a kind reminder to take it all in.


The ruins of Tulum.

This pre-Columbian walled city was the home to @1000-1600 Mayas during the 15th and 13th centuries and was one of the last cities to survive.  It may have been called, Zama, meaning ‘city of dawn’ as it faced the sunrise.  Disease brought by the Spanish who came to occupy Mexico eventually destroyed this peaceful city.


This was it, our last evening here.  The night ended with a delicious meal at Hartwood which was recommended by everyone and lived up to its reputation as everything was fresh and made to order, the menu changing daily.