Yes, the Journal

The journal, the journal….

So many friends swear by journaling, the ultimate therapy. Since I was in high school, probably, I have on and off kept a journal. I may still even have a few with weak dents. I would pour my heart out and then I never wanted to look back. But, wasn’t that the point?

Recently, a dear friend (a devoted journaler) gave me one. It was actually a perfect time but I just could not dive in…what if someone found it? My kids when I was dead and gone and they decided I wasn’t the mother they thought I was?

I decided to start it for my children. As each one was born, I have a baby-book with the first several months of each of their lives. That was it, the ‘firsts’, no seconds, thirds, fourths, etc.
Now, I can proudly say that I am a committed journal keeper. Every night, while my husband is ‘in dispose’ I add a few highlights, a funny scenario or just a few sentences of who ate (and didn’t eat) what for dinner.

My vision is that they look back and are able to swim through these memories, happy I did not let them wash away.