I wanted to share a few great apps that I have come across…

A friend told me about a great app is called Water Trakr. You decided how much water you want to drink a day and this wonderful app is a great reminder. It really does work!  I’ve got mine set for every 2 hours with, ‘drink some water’ as the alert message. It’s become my Pavlov and I’m the thirsty dog.

Another is Heart Rate. This allows you to check your heart rate by just pressing the camera button on your phone.  So, if your exercising and need a check or if you’re just freaking out and need a check, this dandy app is ultra-helpful.

Simply Being is a meditation app that is zen-mazing.  It gives you the option of a guided meditation or ability to create a mood. It’s a perfect way to remind yourself to take five (or more) and enhance your day. I’ve got mine set for the few minutes I have before picking up my kids from school, putting me in the perfect headspace.

Last on the list is Positive. This sweet little gesture if an app allows your phone to become your friend.  Use this to send yourself inspirational thoughts of theirs or yours (custom) to give yourself a lift throughout the day.

There are so many fantastic apps!  Do you have a favorite to share??