I met Betsy Blankenbaker several years ago. A mother of four grown children and a career in filmmaking, Betsy told me one day she was hoping to adopt a baby from Africa. Originally from Indianapolis, Betsy had a place in Miami and I’d see her occasionally while she was here as she travels frequently. A few years later, I ran into her in a yoga class and she was so radiant, it had finally happened! She told me she was leaving for Zimbabwe in a few days. She received a call letting her know four babies had arrived in a wheelbarrow to a local Zimbabwe hospital, she was allowed to have one, a little girl! The hospital had been calling her new baby ‘Loveness’. She knew it was old fashioned and impractical but she had ordered a pram from the UK and had Loveness’s room all set. I didn’t really know how she was going to make it much longer, she was beyond excited.

After great efforts and preparation, Betsy finally arrived in Zimbabwe and got the news her Loveness had died. A part of Betsy died too. All the way in Zimbabwe, away from her loved ones and friends, she was crushed and had no idea what to do. She retreated within herself and made her way to the hospital to bury her dream. She spent the next eight days there and grew to love the other children. There were almost a dozen babies sharing two cribs and the cupboards were practically bare. Her feet grew roots and her Her House of Loveness, dedicated and inspired by her lost baby, was born. She now travels back and forth throughout the year bringing supplies and funds for children supported by HOL donations. Betsy organizes amazing retreats to Zimbabwe where she incorporates service at local schools, wildlife safari and daily Qoya classes that she teaches herself.

Betsy is truly a remarkable woman and friend, beautiful inside and out. Apart from her devotion to her children of HOL in Zimbabwe and teaching her Qoya meditation and movement classes at various enchanting spots around the globe, she has published her incredible story, “Autobiography of an Orgasm”. Seemingly effortlessly, she constantly continues to achieve and evolve for herself and for what she loves. Thank you, Betsy, for being such an inspiration to me.

*in the photo above, Betsy is holding a popular stone carving, crafted by the local people in the village where House of Loveness exists


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