I was hanging out with a friend recently who said that she needed to get out of her ‘comfort zone’. I started thinking about what she said and realized, I too, like the comfort of my little routine/box=zone. I love the days when the kids are at school and I don’t have to leave the house. I even find myself eating or making the same dish over and over.  It’s good, it turns out exactly the same, nice and predictable.  I also notice a fickleness sometimes with my intentions.  In my mind, I can plan a new activity or project that sounds great in theory but when it comes down to it, well…maybe I’ll do it another day. Lunch with a friend, sure!  But lunch with a friend and one of her friends whom I don’t know, well, not so much.  I’m not sure what it is, maybe it’s just being lazy or just the comfort of knowing exactly how my day or outing is going to evolve but I do find myself at times, choosing to stay in the ‘know’.

I do not mean to sound like I am being critical, as I am all about being happy and kind to myself.  Taking life at a manageable and comfortable pace is what I know works for me.  It’s that reminder, that the new and fresh, the zest on the day, the little kick of flavor, keeps life interesting. I think back to the years in my younger life when I took chances and forced myself out of my box all the time.  Something positive resulted with each push.  Whether it was a new friendship, new hobby or just a thought that triggered something new within me.  There’s that saying, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’.  I suppose this does ring true but a dog’s life is much more simple.  Something new (along with the right attitude) is like a refresh and an adventure, who knows what will be discovered.  So….that invitation, that new restaurant, the new destination or idea…make it a yes, chances are it will stimulate something positive.