I used to be a committed yogi and loved all of the benefits of my practice, especially inversions.  There was something about knowing that all of the fluids and passages in my body were getting mixed around that made me feel renewed and fresh like a shaken bottle of delicious juice.  I have not tried a headstand, the king of poses, in many moons but one thing that I do know that is gentle and effective is the ‘legs up the wall’ pose.  It’s calming and relieves my body and tired limbs.  This pose is accomplished by basically just sitting as close to a wall as possible and reaching your toes to the sky.  You can even place a block or blanket under your hips to create an inversion in the lower belly. 10-15 minutes is ideal but a few minutes is better than nothing.  I first settle my body on the hard floor, allowing my bones to align and my skeleton to straighten.  This part, to me, feels just as amazing.  Next, I just inch myself to the wall and feel the blood and fluid drain from my toes down towards my hips.  I have a tendency to hunch so feeling my back so straight reminds me of my posture and alignment as my chest opens and my shoulders melt into the floor.  Once you have had enough, slowly remove yourself and allow for a few minutes horizontal, on your back or side, to get your flow back to ‘normal’.

I keep promising my body that I will get back to my yoga mat.  One of these weeks, it’s going to happen.  I’ll be back in headstand and forward bending with hands and feet matching….until then, this will do.