Summer is over and it’s back to my life, routine and schools.  One old school (3 years) and 2 new schools with 2 new groups of parents. I realize everyone is crazy and trying to get their kids to and fro on time but is everyone too busy for a, ‘Hi’? It’s a tiny squeak practically, but really, to me at least, it does have a huge impact. I guess it’s friendliness and maybe it’s cultural and geographic. Many years ago, my dear Aunt had moved from the city life of Chicago to a small town in Tennessee.  Soon afterwards, we were on the phone and she said, Jame, everyone here is so annoyingly friendly. I can’t go anywhere without someone saying ‘hi’ or trying to talk to me, people are almost crashing their cars into me trying to get my attention with crazy arms and smiles!  She, not being used to that neighborly way, was completely freaked out and I, seeing the big picture, kept repeating the story with the same amount of laughter each time.  She eventually got with the program down there in ‘the South’ and embraced how sweet and friendly her new people were.

To me, it makes complete sense. I think we all want to belong and feel that sense of community, right? I believe this is a part of what defines the human race. I once went through a really rough period and to try and pick myself up, I decided to make a personal challenge to say hello/hi, with my mouth and eyes, to everyone I came across. On the street, in a store, wherever. My head had been down for so long that it was effort to do this but it actually forced me to walk taller and smile.  It did make me feel better and it made me feel connected.  I found a source of comfort that I really had been searching for all along.

So I guess being the new kid, I feel a little overwhelmed once again. Is it queer to admit that I want to belong and make new friends? I have had many experiences at schools where my fellow moms don’t even say hi or even look in my direction. Not really sure why that is….but I’m going to do my best to be friendly. Not obsessive psychotic, of course, I’m not that outgoing anyway but hopefully, like I want my kids to fit in, I will too.