Indian dishes have such an intense appeal to me.   Aromatic curries and blends are not only packed with beautiful flavor and color but with ingredients that have real healthful benefits.  Making them from scratch, however, is a very lengthy and involved process, one dish can contain up to or more than 8 different spices that require careful measure and blending.  I know this because I took a series of Indian classes at one point and afterwards I was entirely inspired to recreate the dishes at home.  This did happen a few times but although I craved the tang of my chicken vindaloo, I found it harder and harder to muster us the strength (and time) to invite it to dinner.  Thus, my Indian affair lost its appeal and sadly enough (for all family members) our delicious rendezvous fell to the wayside. Recently, however, at my local market, I discovered my Indian crave contained entirely in a little powerful pouch of paste.  Indian, once again, is becoming what’s for dinner.

I’m sure there are a number of ways to use these special little pouches and they probably even come with specific instructions.  I decided to wing my first Butter-Chicken-from-a-pouch and it turned out pretty darn tasty, taking very little time.  I basically just poured the pouch into a deep pan, added some coconut milk to thin out the paste, tossed in veggies and chicken and by the time it took some basic white rice to cook (14 minutes) my elaborate dish was ready to be enjoyed.  I now make these Indian eats a few times a month and even my 2 year old loves them.  I usually choose chicken although shrimp is pretty tasty, too. I always use chopped kale and corn but will shred carrots, cabbage or peppers, I love having the variety of color that vegetables can add. I also love being able to get all the nutrition they hold in the little, growing bodies of my children. There you go…make it on the spot or ahead of time and reheat.  Namaste