I find my sanity, my balance, my reassurance in having something that is just mine. I’m so grateful to share my life with my amazing husband and three kids but I’m also grateful to have a piece of ‘me’. My family is, happily, my first priority and they are often the ones who provide me with the most inspiration.

Being creative is what is mine. Sometimes, it’s useless and sometimes is super meaningful. There are times when I’m down, feeling insecure or just having a crappy day and I choose to visit my little sanctuary, inside my mind. Often times it translates into something tangible and other times it’s a simple seed that’s planted. Regardless, it’s all mine and a special place where I secure a pick-me-up, a little charge.

Discovering your little haven isn’t about being creative or producing something physical. It’s about passion and interest and an ability to depend on oneself to fulfill a need, a void or an afternoon. It’s spending time with a certain person, reading, a cause, preparing a delicious meal, partaking in an artistic project, a sport…..you catch my drift… It’s something that’s yours, your interests and your decisions, which have the potential to evolve into your special refuge, sense of stability, achievement or accomplishment…it’s resurrected from something that you can always depend on, yourself.

The image in this post is a compilation of one of my latest ‘happy places’. I’ve started this photographic series, which I post on Instagram. For me, the best part is that moment the idea strikes, which unfortunately, is usually in the middle of the night (wink, smile). When I have a small chunk of free time, I attempt to set the stage for my idea. I tape my iPhone to the ceiling, monitor and take the picture on my iwatch and hope for the best. Sometimes, the images are a success (to me) and sometimes I begin again. Once I find that image that I know I love, I edit it (which is probably my second favorite part) and bittersweetly, it’s over. But, I’m fulfilled and often inspired to create another. This exercise keeps me feeling full. It’s a little snapshot of time in my day or week that has great impact on my mood and mindset. Who knows how long this particular project will last but when it ends, I hope it leads to another or maybe even another interest. What I do know, is that I need it to maintain myself and that it makes me feel happy. In my opinion, everyone needs and deserves to have a little something to call their own!