Let the goodness ooze out of every pore. A delight for the sight can nourish the body through a Crayola colored array of fresh and raw fruits and vegetables.  The benefits of eating fresh, raw and colorful are amaaaazing. REDs contain lycopene to create their hues, a powerful antioxidant associated with reducing risks of cancer not to mention tons of vitamin C. ORANGEs, full of beta-cryptoxanthin which create their sunset color schemes. These happy colored friends are rich in beta-carotene, vitamin A, C and antioxidants which are vital for immune health, vision, gorgeous skin and strong bones. YELLOWs created by lutein, pack a punch in defense of eye health and and add another great dose of vitamin C. GREENs, full of chlorophyll, (sound familiar? high school plant biology?) which give these foods their lucky hues, convert to antioxidants to protect and regenerate essential nutrients. BLUE/PURPLEs contain anthocyanin to keep their rich pigments and keep us heart healthy.

The more colors you eat, the better you may feel and the more you eat, the more healthful foods your body most likely will crave. Monday’s are my day to get back on the juicing, salading, stirfrying train and by Wednesday my body is asking, ‘Ben & who?’ That would be Jerry and by then, those two are not hanging around too much. I feel better, I sleep more soundly and I definitely have more energy. Give it a try, raw or cooked, you cannot make the wrong choice by incorporating nature’s rainbow into your beautiful day!

PS…watch the video for the recipe:)