Recently, a good friend of mine had the opportunity to acquire something super fabulous.  She hesitated and questioned, himmed and hawed…is it too fabulous? what do you think? I don’t know, and on and on…maybe she was afraid some green-eyed hater would snicker, maybe she thought she was being reckless, something in her hesitated.  But then, I asked her, ‘what would your 60 year old self say?’  HELL YEAH!!

This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered this scenario.  And that question always offers an answer.  Sometimes, it ends with a ‘pass’ – maybe like that not-so-great tattoo idea…other times it stirs a big, fat smile.  Regardless, it’s an excellent place to start when indecision takes your brain hostage.   I think back to a lot of decisions or lack of decisions from my early adult days and if could have advised that person from my current, older, point of view,  my walk down life’s path could have been on the more sunnier side of the street.  Maybe it’s a confidence thing or just plain old fear but the notion to just ‘let go’ or ‘let it go’ is at times, so resisted.  The grip on life doesn’t really have to be so strong, I’ve learned.  It’s easy to get caught up in a false severity of a moment or situation. Transporting yourself out of that scenario, reviewing from a different perspective, can usually ease the pain or drama….asking yourself, what would your much older self advise….most of the time, it’s all about perspective.