2202, 2015

The Arm Blanket

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“Wow, I’m so impressed with myself!”, I said and heard my friend burst out laughing.  She taught me how to make an arm blanket, yes, on my two arms.  Back and forth, knitting from arm […]

1602, 2015

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

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The ’50’s housewife’, the Stepford wife and that perfectly happy person you always see in town.  Do these characters know a little secret we don’t?  The liberation of my generation has allowed us to speak […]

802, 2015

RESPICE is Full of Flavor

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I recently stumbled upon the shop, RESPICE – Independent Republic, and was so excited to have found it!  Everywhere I looked was something ultra-cool and then ever better.  Unique and high-quality accessories and lifestyle products from independent […]

102, 2015

Growing Gracefully

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I just had a birthday, I’m now 43. I look in the mirror and see such a difference from when I was in my 20s and probably more critical of myself. Spots all over my […]

2801, 2015

5 minutes…

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Meditation is nothing new and has been practiced for thousands of years but there is scientific proof that meditation can make a difference in one’s life.  It’s funny how the most simple of things (whole […]