3008, 2015

Blink, Squeak and Smile

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Summer is over and it’s back to my life, routine and schools.  One old school (3 years) and 2 new schools with 2 new groups of parents. I realize everyone is crazy and trying to get […]

1005, 2015

The Florida Highwaymen

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I was recently in Ana Mari’s beautiful South Miami shop, The Archive, while she was having an exhibit on the Florida Highwaymen.  The walls were covered with windswept beaches, tropical sunsets, vibrant marshlands and silhouetted […]

802, 2015

RESPICE is Full of Flavor

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I recently stumbled upon the shop, RESPICE – Independent Republic, and was so excited to have found it!  Everywhere I looked was something ultra-cool and then ever better.  Unique and high-quality accessories and lifestyle products from independent […]

2201, 2015

A Day at the Farm

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I took the girls to the somewhat local (@45 minutes away) Knaus Berry Farm the other day.  It’s a wonderful old-fashioned bakery/farm with a great variety of produce, fresh-baked breads and sweets.  Our plan was […]

1412, 2014

Inspiring Friendship

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I met Betsy Blankenbaker several years ago. A mother of four grown children and a career in filmmaking, Betsy told me one day she was hoping to adopt a baby from Africa. Originally from Indianapolis, […]