1904, 2015

Learning through Play

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Remember to be happy.  Oh shoot, I totally forgot. Not really, but it’s easy to get bogged down with the day-to-day and all the tasks that ‘need’ to get done.  There are times when I am […]

2203, 2015

Reversing the Flow

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I used to be a committed yogi and loved all of the benefits of my practice, especially inversions.  There was something about knowing that all of the fluids and passages in my body were getting […]

803, 2015

Comfort Zone

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I was hanging out with a friend recently who said that she needed to get out of her ‘comfort zone’. I started thinking about what she said and realized, I too, like the comfort of […]

103, 2015

A Beautiful Mess

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It’s so easy to stay within the safe parameters of the box. Especially with children as to avoid a dreaded disaster ‘on’ the home. I discovered a new window crayon and the concept of coloring […]

2202, 2015

The Arm Blanket

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“Wow, I’m so impressed with myself!”, I said and heard my friend burst out laughing.  She taught me how to make an arm blanket, yes, on my two arms.  Back and forth, knitting from arm […]